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Europe Challenge for a Strategic Autonomy
7th of December, 27th of December, 2023
Hybrid Meeting

Sovereignty, in political theory, is the ultimate overseer, or authority, in the decision-making process of the state and in the maintenance of order. We might also find that is related with population, a territory, a government, and independence. In the new world, increasing dependent on technology, the territory crosses the borders that we use to know, to invade the cyberspace, where most the society activities and essential services are moving to. Maintain authority, order or independent decision making in such realm, demands Europe to control the use of technology that supports our lives, as citizens, organizations, and governments. There is growing concern that we are gradually losing control over our data, our capacity for innovate or our capability to protect critical infrastructures and essential services operation. This way, the Europe’s ability to act independently in the digital world, shaping and enforce legislation in its environment, is an upmost and urgent discuss, demanding a deep understand of the challenge, a continuous monitoring of situation as also short and long-term actions to overcome the risks. This conference pretends to contribute for this reflection as also to reinforce our attention and action’s capability.

Places in person are limited and require confirmation from the National Defence Institute. The link to the conference will only be made available after registration and before the conference.

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