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Critical Infrastructures Cybersecurity: Recent developments, trends, and challenges ⋆


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The latest developments in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) have brought numerous opportunities to improve and increase the efficiency of various systems, including those classified as CI (Critical Infrastructure) systems. But in addition to the benefits, new challenges arise that, if not adequately addressed, can result in catastrophic accidents. One of the biggest challenges is Cybersecurity. In this paper, we seek to identify the best and worst that has been done in this field, seeking to identify the Cybersecurity model(s) that best respond to these challenges.

Henrique Santos1[0000−0001−5389−3285] André Oliveira1[0000−0001−6217−5592] and Paulo Moniz2

1 Universidade do Minho, Centro Algoritmi, Guimarães, Portugal | https://algoritmi.uminho.pt | {hsantos,asoliveira}@dsi.uminho.pt

2 Eurodefense, Portugal | moniz.paulo@gmail.com | https://eurodefense.pt/

⋆ Supported by organization x.

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