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Dynamics of conflict associated with the global Technological society and climate change

The global challenges posed by climate change to our current and future societies and the necessary energy transition that arises, are imperatively reflected in all political, strategic and scientific programs in progress, in particular from the beginning of the 21st century and specifically in Europe. The EU aims to achieve global leadership in the field of new environmental policies, with deep decarbonisation and climate neutrality, with the widespread use of renewable energies, setting very precise goals and objectives for its Member States (EU could become a standard-setter for energy transition). The impact of the energy transition model in Europe and in the World over the next few decades will lead to several advances in the fields of technology and science. This new cycle will focus on the fields of digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the identification of innovative energy models, new efficient industrial components, communication processes, mapping of electrical networks and data management, and a whole use of resources and skills that can (hopefully) give to the society, people and the planet, a more balanced and sustainable alternative.

22 de abril de 2021

Eduardo Caetano de Sousa
Vogal da Direção

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