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The Council of Presidents and the International Meeting of the European network EURODEFENSE took place from 16 to 18 June, which includes associations from 15 Member States of the European Union and the United Kingdom. The purpose of the EURODEFENSE network is to promote greater dissemination in civil society of Security and Defence matters, in areas ranging from the promotion of the defence economy to the strengthening of a security culture, as an essential pillar for the EU’s resilience.

The event took place at the Instituto Universitário Militar, in Lisbon, Portugal, and included a seminar, where the most current issues were debated, with three panels of experts, in the areas of cybersecurity and security of critical infrastructures, in the energy transition process and on a new EU security architecture, in line with the Union’s ambition for greater strategic autonomy.

The event was attended by the Minister of National Defence, João Gomes Cravinho, who gave a speech on the current security context, the challenges facing the European Union in this area and the dynamics of the new impetus in the transatlantic relationship. Admiral Silva Ribeiro (Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces); LTG Barros Ferreira (IUM Commander); RADM Gameiro Marques (Head of the Nacional Security Office), António Brás Monteiro (from ESD Portugal), as well as other civil and military personalities.

The Council was also successful in admitting EuroDefense-Denmark and in presenting and debating a set of documents drawn up by the different groups and observatories that make up the EURODEFENSE network.

05.July 2021

António Brás Monteiro

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